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"Our total focus is in high cost medical devices."

We are a group of Medical Device Advisors that work quietly behind the scenes for Senior Executive Supply Chain Leaders to reduce cost.
We reveal and unlock trapped EBITDA which results in Millions saved.


Current Supply Chain Dynamics

Learn about current supply chain concerns.

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Shockbox Consulting's sole purpose is to empower hospital administrators.

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Hospital Challenges

Concerns for C-Suite management and supply chain...

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The Goal of Shockbox advisors is to be the
most EFFECTIVE resource Today for
executive supply chain leaders.

Shockbox Advisors, in conjunction with your existing supply chain team, is The Winning Combination for reducing cost in cardiac defibrillators and pacemakers, orthopedic spine, neural stimulators and orthopedic hip and knee.

Shockbox Advisors is an "At Risk" firm that is paid out of savings.

No need to budget for our assistance.

The Advisors At Shockbox Specialize in these four medical Devices:

ShockBox Advisors specialize in these four markets:

Pacemakers and Defibrillators

Orthopedic Hip and Knee


Orthopedic Spine

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Shockbox Consulting's Team Has Over 100 Years of Collective Experience.

We empower Hospital Systems and Consortium's to negotiate substantially stronger contracts. Our collective experience implanting Cardiac Defibrillators, Pacemakers, Orthopadic Hip and Knee, Orthopedic Spine and Neuro-Stimulators; not only sets us apart from our competition, but creates an edge that benefits our clients.

Shockbox Offers Two Economic Models

Advisor Lite

Pricing and Process - Flat Fee

Advisor Plus

Pricing, Full Implementation of Process, Up-charge
Management and Quarterly Reporting - At Risk Contract


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