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Shockbox Consulting is a specialty consulting team that has over 100 Years of collective experience in Cardiac Defibrillators and Pacemakers, Neuro-stimulators, and Orthopedic Spine, hip, knee. Our teams tremendous clinical experience and backgrounds in these specialties allows us to achieve substantial savings to our clients. Shockbox Consulting is an "At Risk" consulting firm with no quarterly or annual fees.
"you don't budget for Our services, we are paid out of savings" -No Risk Contracting.

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Dan Mitchell heads up the Midwest United States for Orthopedic Spine and Neuromodulation with ShockBox Consulting. Dan received his BA Degree in English/Pre-Professional Administration from the University of Notre Dame. Dan’s medical career was nothing short of stellar.

Dan became a top Medtronic Neuromodulation representative in a territory that included The Cleveland Clinic, one of the largest Pain Management Clinics in the United States. This facility and Medtronic helped Dan master his knowledge of Spine, Neuromodulation, Physician Training, and Clinical Research. This solid foundation led to exciting new opportunities with an upcoming competitor, Advanced Neuromodulation Systems i.e. “St. Jude Medical.” ANS learned of Dan’s credibility and expertise and hired him to increase market share in Ohio. His successes and accolades at ANS/SJM were once again duplicated. For over 17 years, Dan’s experience in the operating room, extensive device knowledge, and motivation earned him a highly respectable industry reputation.

Being an accomplished student athlete in the Mitchell family is nothing out of the ordinary. Lets just say it’s in the genes. Dan is an All-American and Hall of Fame Wrestler from National powerhouse St. Edward High School. Dan received an Athletic Scholarship for Wrestling to the University of Notre Dame. Additionally, he competed on the Men’s Crew Team and helped lead Morrissey Manor to a Lacrosse Championship his senior year. Dan’s has been married to his wife Roberta for 23 years is an International and Olympic Figure Skating coach. After participating in the 2006 Torino Olympics, her goal is to take another student to compete at that level. Dan and Roberta have two talented young boys, Collin (19) and Spencer (18.) They play hockey and lacrosse, while competing at the national level. When not shuttling the boys to different events, Dan enjoys photography, landscaping, and travel.

Dan attributes one key ingredient to his business success. He states, “At Notre Dame, we learned the importance of community service. We are here to serve each other, not ourselves. And when our focus is correct- the rest falls in place”

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